School Holidays – but Kumon doesn’t stop !

November 16, 2017  |   Centre News   |     |   Comments Off on School Holidays – but Kumon doesn’t stop !

If you are heading away over the holidays, ensure you complete a holiday plan in good time. Students who persist with studies while travelling develop an appreciation of the need to maintain a daily approach to study and return to school with improved capabilities

As the school holidays begin, we all get used to sleeping in and relaxing a bit more,

but please don’t forget about your Kumon routine !!

During the holidays when the usual school routine has stopped, it’s easy to let Kumon take a back seat also.

Try really hard to get your Kumon homework done first thing in the morning and it’s done and dusted.

Remember……….it’s no more than “15-20 AWESOME minutes” a day!!! ……….  Unless you have extra spare time and you would like to do extras over the holiday period to get a great head start for the year!!

When you go back to school after the holidays, your brain will still be switched on and ready to learn!

Kumon Cairns North is open over the rest of the holidays and we’d love to see you.

We hope you have an awesome break and stay safe in your travels.

Many thanks for trying so hard with the Kumon Program – I know your efforts will be well rewarded, with amazing benefits in school and for life.

Cheryl and Staff